Our Four T’s

Taste, Tenderness, Texture and Temperature

The term “Michelin Star” is a hallmark of fine dining quality. Michelin operates on the principle that only anonymous, professionally trained experts can be trusted to make accurate, impartial assessments of a restaurant’s food and service. To date, the percentage of U.S. restaurants that maintain a Michelin star is so low, and primarily limited to New York, Chicago and San Francisco, that most of us will never have an opportunity to dine and/or afford this experience.

Although the categories for judging a restaurant can be exhaustive (i.e. product quality, complexity of preparation and presentation, flavor profiles, service, atmosphere, decor, theme, geographical location), the desire to excel in all of them is a herculean undertaking. This, under no circumstances means that we are unable to fully embrace and celebrate all that is extraordinary in our own ordinary communities.

ForkintheRhode.com and its RhodeCrew of writers are dedicated to spotlighting dining and beverage establishments that are passionate about their menus and proud of their products.

The RhodeCrew firmly believes that when a restaurant produces dishes that respect the Four T’s of proper food preparation – taste, tenderness, texture and temperature, the results are worth writing about!  When a dish successfully delivers on all 4 “T’s,” we consider this a gastronomic grand slam!

So, until the day comes when a  Michelin star rating becomes a requirement for satisfying your discerning dining palate, you might want to hitch your culinary wagon to ForkintheRhode.com, because our party rages on well into the night!



3 thoughts on “Our Four T’s

  1. I have known Tag for over 35 years and have enjoyed many dinners and parties with him. He is like a brother to me. He worked with and for me and I will always remember all the good times and great meals.

    Robert B.

  2. I have known Tag for over 20 years and 1 hour with him can be a lifetime;-). Barry…we’ll never forget one of the greatest road warrior stories of all time…the Peking Duck House in Atlantic City…the journey continues….

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