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The English Muffin - Fork in the Rhode

The English Muffin – Fork in the Rhode

The latest find that deserves accolades is the English Muffin in Johnston.  This little gem is an open-spaced breakfast restaurant with 10+ booths and tables, as well as a u-shaped counter that seats about 10 eaters.

As I sat at the counter with my significant other Jo-Ann, my knees got weak when I read the daily Special’s board – “White Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Pancakes”!  I didn’t have to read any further.

I ordered two pancakes as described above, and Jo-Ann ordered a plain Provolone Omelet with pumpernickel toast and home fries. The omelet was prepared exactly as requested – no brown spots! Jo-Ann made the yummy sounds. All good things….

Cranberry & White Chocolate Pancakes - The English Muffin

Cranberry & White Chocolate Pancakes – The English Muffin

I’m not confident the owners understand the concept of “appropriate portion size “because at The English Muffin, the dishes were more than generous.  My white chocolate chip and cranberry pancakes were in the neighborhood of 10-12 inches in diameter, and covered the entire dinner-sized plate.  Jo-Ann’s omelet stretched from one side of the plate to the other!

The pancakes were perfectly griddled in both color and consistency, and her omelet was fluffy and generously filled with Provolone.  The hash browns were grilled “extra crisp” as ordered.

Provy Omelet - The English Muffin

Provy Omelet – The English Muffin

Do not; I repeat, do not ruin the perfectly balanced flavors of the White Chocolate Chips and Cranberries Pancakes with syrup of any kind.  Let the smoothness of the white chocolate chips blend with the tartness of the cranberries, which have both been encapsulated with a beautifully rich pancake batter.

Additionally, an over-sized coffee cup (with endless refills) was a perfect accompaniment to our over-sized and satisfying breakfast plates.

Excellent breakfasts for very reasonable prices. Wear your big pants with the elastic waist!

Tags Toilet Talk:

There is nothing like a clean, large bathroom with tiled floors and walls to “powder your nose.”  The automatic paper towel holder and liquid soap dispenser were both full. Additionally it was not only handicapped accessible, but equipped with a step stool under the sink for the kids to reach the soap & water (no excuses here kids!). This wash room would have rated over 4+ TP rolls, but the large waste basket was full of paper towels and needed attention.


English Muffin | 1989 Plainfield Pike | Johnston, RI 02919 | (401) 943-6100

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