2013 Top 10 New York System Weiner Challenge

2013 New York System

2013 New York System – Rhode Island

At a time when our dining public thrives on evolving menus – low in carbohydrates, fat and sodium, while insisting that taste is never compromised, I would argue that the wickedly popular New York System Hot Weiner has never evolved into anything greater than that which it always has been – a “Rhode Island Original!”

When prepared correctly, the nostalgic New York System hot weiner transports us back in time. For a moment, you can remember the grill-man lining his arm with orders being yelled to him from the counter-man. We can fondly remember ordering 3 all-the-way, with coffee milk and fries with our grandparents,parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or life-long friends. We can remember sitting at the counter while solving the world’s problems with the folks from the neighborhood.

From the blue collared to the blue blooded, when you walk into a NY System Weiner joint and order, you’re nobody special – just equally important. It’s hard to believe that there exists so much history, happiness and memories inside a little steamed bun, but I assure you of its truth.

When judging hot weiners, subjectivity is always a factor. In order to level the playing field, we ask that our judges use the same scoring sheet, criteria and ranking for every location.  Additionally, we assigned multiple judges per restaurant in order to balance scoring outliers and variations in daily product consistency. It’s not enough for a product to be sometimes great; it needs to be great everyday – on every order.

The following are the 10 locations that maintained the highest overall scores in standard categories (Appearance, Steamed Bun, and Weiner Texture, Meat Sauce, Onions, and Overall One-Bite taste) – in alphabetic order:

Restaurant Street City
Cosmic Steak, Pizza & Weiners 1141 Post Rd Warwick
Dot’s Dairy Bar & Grille 1476 Newport Ave Pawtucket
Jesse’s N.Y. System 710 Main Street West Warwick
Liberty Lunch 732 Central Ave Pawtucket
New York Lunch 8 Main St Woonsocket
Olneyville N.Y. System 18 Plainfield Street Providence
Rod’s Grill  6 Washington Street Warren
Stykee’s New York System 1617 Elmwood Ave. Cranston
Timmy’s Restaurant 644 W Shore Rd Warwick
Weiner Genie 80 Higginson Avenue Lincoln
Into the Belly of the Beast

Into the Belly of the Beast

We encourage you to judge NY System Wieners in all of the following locations as we did. There are so many excellent ones to choose from. Again, we “triple-dog-dare” you!

Restaurant Street City
Athenian Deli & Restaurant 1242 Oaklawn Ave Cranston
Athens Pizza House 1 Austin Ave Greenville
Barbara’s Place 77 North Main St. Woonsocket
Ben’s Chili Dogs 158 Broadway Newport
Bucci’s Café 37 Main Street Lincoln
Chepachet Deli 842 Putnam Pike Chepachet
Coffee King 66 Fountain Street Providence
Connie and Nikki’s Restaurant 526 Pawtucket Ave. Pawtucket
Ferrucci’s Original New York System 1246 Main Street, Arctic West Warwick
George’s Grill New York System 716 Reservoir Avenue Cranston
George’s Pizza ‘N Pub 60 Main St Pascoag
Indigo Pizza Lounge 599 Tiogue Ave Coventry
John’s New York System 827 Park Ave. Cranston
John’s New York Systems 326 Cranston Street Providence
Kingston Pizza 1283 Kingstown Road Peacedale
Kip’s Restaurant 826 Newport Ave Pawtucket
Little Rhody Brand Frankfurts 5 Day Street Johnston
Lumber-Jacks-Pizza ‘n Wieners 1402 Victory Hwy North Smithfield
M & M New York System Restaurant 361 Waterman Ave East Providence
Moonlight House of Weiners 32 Rathburn Street Woonsocket
North Kingstown House of Pizza 6170 Post Rd North Kingstown
Norwood Grill 1325 Post Rd. Warwick
Oak St. B&B 87 Oak Street Westerly
Oatley’s Family Restaurant 171 Ten Rod Road North Kingstown
Original New York System 424 Smith Street Providence
Peter’s Coney Island System 2298 West Shore Rd. Warwick
Plouffe’s Cup n Saucer 267 Main St Pawtucket
Poppy’s Family Restaurant 3344 Mendon Road Cumberland
Quick Rick’s 58 High St Wakefield
Right Spot Diner 200 South Bend St. Pawtucket
Riverside Kitchen New York System 467 Willett Ave East Providence
Rod’s Grill 6 Washington Street Warren
Royal Lunch 1179 Westminster St Providence
Sam’s New York System 1031 Mineral Spring Ave North Providence
Sam’s New York System Sandy Lane Warwick
Santoro’s Pizza 687 Tiogue Ave Coventry
Silver Lake Pizza 1146 Main Street Coventry
Snoopy’s Diner 4001 Quaker Lane North Kingstown
Sparky’s Coney Island System 122 Taunton Avenue, East Providence
Taso’s N.Y. System 1500 Atwood Avenue Johnston
Wein-O-Rama 1009 Oaklawn Avenue Cranston

Note: On behalf of the RhodeCrew, we would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the volunteer judges who helped make the 2013 NY System Weiner Challenge a success!


6 thoughts on “2013 Top 10 New York System Weiner Challenge

  1. The ONLY real NY System Weiner is Oneyville Weiner. it is the BEST and Number # 1. I grew up on them just like the story says. Everytime I go back to visit RI, I halfto (have to) go there and sit at the booth and eat one. It’s awesome. But definitely not for the snotty type at all. Just people who think they are the same as everyone else.

  2. Harrys New York System Hot Wieners on Elmwood Ave. in Providence was the first place I enjoyed one, over 60 years ago. Harry is gone but not forgotten. I still have a couple once in awhile, getting old sucks, I use to be able to eat 6, now 2. Of course I pay for it the next morning. 😦
    If I ever got married again, I would have Hot Wieners, French Fries and Coffee Milk at my reception, nothing else. 🙂

  3. I am now living in California, cannot find a decent dog, can we have the recipe, especially for that great sauce. BTW Main Ingredient do not forget, is Celery Salt.
    I don’t thing they know what to do with it out here………..

  4. THANK YOU ! Planning a trip to Providence in September for a 50th h.s. reunion. Oneyville weiner is the first stop ! This was the stop after church on Sunday, with friends late at night and anytime traveling in the area. Now I want to go sooner!!!!!

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