Fleming’s 5 for $6 ‘ til 7

5 selected appetizers are $6, and served nightly at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar until 7:00 PM!  Additionally,  Fleming’s adds a Prime Burger from their Bar La Carte menu just for good measure!

We tried all of the menu items and we were quite impressed. Even more impressive was the total bill – $36.00 (excluding tip). If these menu items were ordered outside of the 5 for $6 ’til 7 special, the bill would have been $87.40 (excluding tip)!


SWEET CHILE CALAMARI – Lightly breaded and tossed with sweet chile sauce

 The Sweet Chile Calamari was a standout in flavor. It was perfectly tender, and tossed with a subtly spiced sweet chile sauce – loved it!

Fleming's Sweet Chili Calamari

Fleming’s Sweet Chili Calamari

JUMBO SHRIMP COCKTAILJumbo shrimp, chipotle horseradish cocktail sauce

The “jumbo” shrimp were most likely not U-12, and were a little overcooked, but very fresh, cold and served with a zesty horseradish cocktail sauce that just made the dish work well. The fresh dill over the top was an excellent garnish to compliment!

Fleming's Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Fleming’s Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

ROASTED MUSHROOM RAVIOLI – Portobello and shiitake mushrooms, porcini butter

The roasted mushroom ravioli tasted homemade and were also tenderly cooked and sauteed in a rich porcini butter. Everything really is better with butter.

Fleming's Roasted Mushroom Ravioli

Fleming’s Roasted Mushroom Ravioli

TENDERLOIN CARPACCIO Caper creole mustard sauce and red onion

As expected from Fleming’s, the velvety smooth Carpaccio did not disappoint. With the addition of creole mustard, fresh herbs and the crostinis, we felt like kings!

Fleming's Tenderloin Carpaccio

Fleming’s Tenderloin Carpaccio

WICKED CAJUN BARBECUE SHRIMPMarinated with a mix of garlic and spices

Correct! Wicked Cajun and wicked spicy. The starter was bit heavy, but full flavored. Keep bread and a cold beer handy while you watch the game with this one!

Fleming's Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp

Fleming’s Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp


FLEMING’S PRIME BURGERWisconsin cheddar cheese, peppered bacon and our signature onion rings

Wow! Fleming’s hits a home run on this one. An expertly prepared burger using Fleming’s Prime! Absolutely delicious when prepared rare and served on a Challeh-esk braided egg roll. This peppered bacon cheeseburger is served with 2 large onion rings, a wedge of iceberg, onion and tomato – for $6! No really…

Fleming's Prime Burger

Fleming’s Prime Burger


The RhodeCrew concluded our evening by relaxing at Cigar Masters right next door. Leather couches, big screen monitors for the game, a serene atmosphere, and a well stocked humidor just steps away.

Great food, friends, drinks and cigars…it just doesn’t get any better than that…

Cigar Masters

Cigar Masters

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine – One West Exchange Street, Providence, RI  401-555-9000

Cigar Masters – One West Exchange Street, Providence, RI  401-383-9002


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