1150 Oak Bar & Grill

Review by Jay Costigan –  Special contributor to Fork in the Rhode

1150 Oak Bar & GrillDue to limited time, planning and a desire for a beer, I luckily found myself at the 1150 Oak Bar & Grill Wednesday evening. Being familiar with the group that formerly owned and operated the Rock Junction in Coventry, I assumed the quality of the food would stand the test of relocation.


1150 OB&G  maintains a respectable beer selection of about 12 on tap, as well as some varied bottle choices. I ordered my “go-to” Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA to help me think better as I perused their pub menu.

When narrowing down my burger selection to two, I made the only rational decision a foodie could make – by ordering them both! It made complete sense because why deprivation is not in my DNA. The first selection was the Oak  Burger;  a perfectly prepared medium, well seasoned  ground beef burger with bacon, Cajun mayo, onion rings and jack cheese. The other was their 50/50 Burger which combined ground beef and chorizo with red peppers and jalapeño mayo. The Portuguese gods were smiling down on me with this one! Both burgers were full flavored, juicy and grilled to the correct temperature. It is surprising that the issue of internal temperature  presents such a challenge to many chefs/cooks, but I’m happy to report that 1150 OB&G got it right!


All burgers are accompanied with a choice of fries or onion rings. Notably, the fries were freshly cut Idaho potatoes and well seasoned. The onion rings were even better; fried crispy, not greasy and tasty.


1150 Oak Bar & Grill has become my “go-to” place for affordable, quick and well prepared dinner on those crazy  Wednesday nights that I play chauffer to my kids while shuffling them through the city of Cranston.


Oh, did  I also mention that they book some pretty solid music acts? Check this venue out and bring friends!



1150 Oak Bar & Grill |1150 Oak lawn Ave|Cranston, Rhode Island|(401) 654-4466


The American

One of Rhode Island’s many 19th century contributions to the 2nd Industrial Revolution was a steam locomotive manufacturing company located in Providence. Historically, Rhode Island Locomotive Works produced more than 3,400 locomotives between 1867 and 1906.

The American - Providence

The American – Providence

It is within the walls of this impressively restored building that the Adirondack Restaurant Group has opened their third restaurant. The American embraces the history of its location by meticulously preserving some of her artifacts, and artfully incorporating them into the woodwork.

Our visit to The American was a happenstance. While on a break from a class we were attending in the same building, the lunch whistle sounded loudly on Valley Street, and curiosity got the better of us.

The Steakhouse

The Steakhouse

The aristocratic atmosphere inside The American is delivered to diners with a few significant exceptions;   the staff is warm and welcoming, and the lunch, dinner and drink menus are far from being pretentious. In addition to several daily specials, a mixture of classically named burgers, salads and clubs are available.

We ordered The Steakhouse salad (filet tips marinated and grilled over mixed field greens, crispy bacon, hard-boiled egg, gorgonzola cheese, and poppy-seed vinaigrette). The steak was perfectly grilled to the requested temperature and full flavored. The salad was slightly overdressed, but its components were fresh and delicious!

The Stanford

The Stanford

On the recommendation of our waiter, we ordered The Stanford (marinated blackened chicken breast topped with Wisconsin Cheddar, lettuce, beefsteak tomato – served on a fresh-baked sourdough roll with a homemade Cajun mayonnaise).  Although the slightly over-grilled chicken breast could have been disappointing, it was aggressively seasoned the way a piece of chicken should be! The ripened tomato and spicy Cajun mayo added the needed moisture, taste and heat to make my mouth hum!  Additionally, the sandwich arrived with homemade tater-tots! In the past, I’ve overpaid for poorly executed and previously frozen tater-tots with truffle oil.  Thankfully The American cares enough to shred fresh potatoes and perfectly fry them into something worthy of remembering.

American Bacon Burger

American Bacon Burger

It should come as no surprise that since The Abbey , a sister restaurant to The American which specializes in innovative burgers, also does a fine job in serving the same. Our Roosevelt with bacon and Wisconsin cheddar, served on homemade toasted bread was a noteworthy standout.

The American Bar

The American Bar

About two hours later, as our class was letting out, we headed back into The American to belly up to the bar for a couple of beers. We couldn’t resist an opportunity to make another appearance in a place where we felt so comfortable.

Train Light - The American

Train Light – The American

Many of the wealthy and powerful 19th-century American Industrialists (aka robber barons) such as Cornelius Vanderbilt,  J. P. Morgan,  Jay Gould and John D. Rockefeller adorn the walls of The American as if to keep  watchful eyes on the place.  I wondered if they would have approved having spent an afternoon at The American, and then it came to me … who really gives a damn.

All Aboard!

The American 311 Iron Horse Way Providence, RI 401-865-6186

Fleming’s 5 for $6 ‘ til 7

5 selected appetizers are $6, and served nightly at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar until 7:00 PM!  Additionally,  Fleming’s adds a Prime Burger from their Bar La Carte menu just for good measure!

We tried all of the menu items and we were quite impressed. Even more impressive was the total bill – $36.00 (excluding tip). If these menu items were ordered outside of the 5 for $6 ’til 7 special, the bill would have been $87.40 (excluding tip)!


SWEET CHILE CALAMARI – Lightly breaded and tossed with sweet chile sauce

 The Sweet Chile Calamari was a standout in flavor. It was perfectly tender, and tossed with a subtly spiced sweet chile sauce – loved it!

Fleming's Sweet Chili Calamari

Fleming’s Sweet Chili Calamari

JUMBO SHRIMP COCKTAILJumbo shrimp, chipotle horseradish cocktail sauce

The “jumbo” shrimp were most likely not U-12, and were a little overcooked, but very fresh, cold and served with a zesty horseradish cocktail sauce that just made the dish work well. The fresh dill over the top was an excellent garnish to compliment!

Fleming's Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Fleming’s Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

ROASTED MUSHROOM RAVIOLI – Portobello and shiitake mushrooms, porcini butter

The roasted mushroom ravioli tasted homemade and were also tenderly cooked and sauteed in a rich porcini butter. Everything really is better with butter.

Fleming's Roasted Mushroom Ravioli

Fleming’s Roasted Mushroom Ravioli

TENDERLOIN CARPACCIO Caper creole mustard sauce and red onion

As expected from Fleming’s, the velvety smooth Carpaccio did not disappoint. With the addition of creole mustard, fresh herbs and the crostinis, we felt like kings!

Fleming's Tenderloin Carpaccio

Fleming’s Tenderloin Carpaccio

WICKED CAJUN BARBECUE SHRIMPMarinated with a mix of garlic and spices

Correct! Wicked Cajun and wicked spicy. The starter was bit heavy, but full flavored. Keep bread and a cold beer handy while you watch the game with this one!

Fleming's Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp

Fleming’s Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp


FLEMING’S PRIME BURGERWisconsin cheddar cheese, peppered bacon and our signature onion rings

Wow! Fleming’s hits a home run on this one. An expertly prepared burger using Fleming’s Prime! Absolutely delicious when prepared rare and served on a Challeh-esk braided egg roll. This peppered bacon cheeseburger is served with 2 large onion rings, a wedge of iceberg, onion and tomato – for $6! No really…

Fleming's Prime Burger

Fleming’s Prime Burger


The RhodeCrew concluded our evening by relaxing at Cigar Masters right next door. Leather couches, big screen monitors for the game, a serene atmosphere, and a well stocked humidor just steps away.

Great food, friends, drinks and cigars…it just doesn’t get any better than that…

Cigar Masters

Cigar Masters

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine – One West Exchange Street, Providence, RI  401-555-9000

Cigar Masters – One West Exchange Street, Providence, RI  401-383-9002